Seasons & Holiday Poems

Under Construction! More poems here soon!

In the meantime, you can visit my holiday poems site, Sparrow's Seasons, which includes some that are appropriate for children.





 Springy Spring

The spring's a very springy thing,
flowers all sprout up in spring,
and birdies fly on feathered wing,
and sing the songs they like to sing.

The spring is like a bumpy bounce,
the bunnies hop, the squirrels pounce,
as Mother Nature's friends announce
that winter's banished with a trounce.

I like the sunshine in the spring,
it's such a happy shiny thing.
I feel the springtime weather bring
a breeze, while swinging on my swing.

My swing's a very special place,
where breezes blow across my face,
as back and forth I glide with grace,
(or high and fast, in any case).

Yes, spring's a very springy thing,
it bounces, pounces, hops and sings,
it swings up high upon my swing-
a happy time is springy spring.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

A Child's Easter

My teacher asked what Easter means to me-
and I knew I could tell.
My mother told me, plain as plain can be-
and I remember well.
Each spring's a sign from God, His promise kept-
all through the winter's cold,
when green and growing things, though long they've slept,
will blossom, bright and bold.
That's why birds sing, it's why the forest lives,
and flowers sway and dance;
for God reminds us all, in spring He gives,
with love, a second chance

© Katharine L Sparrow

The Sun in Spring

As the rays of sunlight creep
waking all the woods, asleep,
dreaming of the melting snow,
gone where gentle breezes blow-
tiny folks, magical things,
stretch their arms and spread their wings,
catching warmth of morning sun,
for the springtime has begun.
Out from under leaves and logs,
up from chilly rocks and bogs,
little people find their way,
glad to meet the dawning day.
Flitting now from budding oak,
tinkling songs join tree frog's croak,
chiming out a springtime prayer,
carried on the sunlit air.
Hush and listen closely now.
Stand quite still beneath the bough
of the oak tree, spreading wide,
where the timid fairies hide.
If you stand as still as stone
you will find you're not alone.
You will hear the fairies sing,
welcoming the sun in spring.

© Katharine L Sparrow

April Riddle

If April rain
brings sweet May flowers
sprouting from her gentle showers,
what then does the May flower bring
when April's through
raining in spring?...


© Katharine L Sparrow

Jelly Bean Trail

On Easter Sunday morning,
the day breaks, bright and clear-
and if I see a jelly bean trail,
the Easter Bunny's been here!

He leaves a little bean trail,
starting at my bed-
leading out into the hall,
green, purple, blue and red.

All the colored jelly beans,
trailing down the stair-
out into the living room,
and what do I see there!

A bright and springy basket,
full of candy treats-
chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps,
and lots of tasty sweets.

I love the Easter Bunny!-
the baskets that he'll bring,
when flowers blooming everywhere
mean that it's finally spring!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Rainbow Spring

The colors that I see in spring
are really quite an awesome thing
In winter time, my yard is brown
or white, when snow is floating down.
But in the spring the flowers grow,
like crocuses that poke through snow,
with blooms of purple, yellow, blue-
I'm oh-so-glad when those poke through!
And tulips too, of red and pink,
but pansies are the best, I think.
Their little faces, sweet and bright,
all smile at me, a true delight.
And I forget about the snow-
my old brown yard ...
is a rainbow!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Time for Easter!

Easter welcomes in the spring
beneath a warming sun.
For leaves on trees and flowers sweet,
the growing has begun.
Easter time is family time,
we gather in a bunch.
We hunt for treats and Easter eggs,
and then we all have brunch! 
Spring is such a special season-
Easter helps us know
that flowers blossoms for a reason-
love brings life from snow.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

 Snow Day

One morning as I slept in bed-
"Get up! Get up!" my mother said.
"There's ten inches of snow outside!
No school today!" 
My eyes grew wide.

I jumped,
I thumped, 
I leaped and bumped
right out of bed where I'd been slumped.

My brother bumped right next to me,
to window's edge where we would see
the lovely snow, piled high and wide-
no school! - so we could play outside!

We scrambled quick across the floor,
we slipped,
we slopped,
we scrambled more,
right to that window on the wall 
where we could see...


The sun shone bright outside our room-
birds singing songs, the bush in bloom 
and not a single flake outside! 

We turned around...
mother had LIED!

But there she stood, so insincere,
and she was grinning, ear to ear!

 "April fools!" her voice rang out.

And that joke was, without a doubt,
the baddest, meanest, nasty trick
that EVER any Mom could pick.

Then, feeling like an April fool,
I dressed myself
and went to school.

© Katharine L Sparrow

Springtime Fun

Swap Quatrain

I like to play outside in spring
I run and skate and everything!
I think I could stay out all day-
outside in spring, I like to play.

I get to ride my bike at last
the winter's cold and snow is past
no longer must I stay inside-
my bike, at last, I get to ride.

And grasses grow while flowers bloom-
the birds sing as honey bees zoom.
and gentle breezes shift and blow,
while flowers bloom, and grasses grow.

I like the spring because it's fun
to run and play in springtime sun.
I think I could burst out and sing,
because it's fun. I like the spring.

© Katharine L Sparrow

Little People

'Tis the time of the year
when the forest grows green,
and the wildflowers bloom
with green clover between-
where the fairies and trolls
hop among leaf and stem,
and where wise little people
live well, among them.

If you can't quite believe
little people are true,
then whisper a blessing
and may God protect you!
For they do have the power
to weave a vile spell,
and what may befall you
I simply can't tell.

But if in your heart
you're quite sure they are there,
walk soft in the forest
among the trees, where
you may hear them playing
a magical tune
as they dance a wee jig
by the light of the moon.

Close by, shining bright
as a flame, so I'm told,
you just may discover 
their fat pot o' gold.
You'll join in their dancing,
a fine Irish reel,
and then if you're lucky-
they'll make you a deal.

Don't tell of their secret
don't remember the spot
where you found little people,
(you'll say you forgot).
Then find them again
on a warm misty eve,
and you'll get your reward,
if you truly believe.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

In Woodlands

In woodlands deep, where ivy grows
and mossy-scented sunlight glows,
among the leafy vines, asleep
and waiting for the melting snows
the forest sprites and fairies keep-
where ivy grows, in woodlands deep.

In spring they wake. They stretch and yawn,
as frigid night gives way to dawn
and swirling mists up from the lake
are whispering that winter's gone.
As sleepy dust from eyes they shake,
they stretch and yawn. In spring they wake.

Where dust is shed on forest's floor
are flakes of magic, stuff of lore,
For where the fairy dust is spread,
a flower grows from every spore.
And there appears a violet bed
on forest's floor, where dust is shed.
In woodlands green, upon the ground
where purple violets can be found,
while sprites and fairies can't be seen,
it's known they live in trees around
the springtime forest's misty sheen-
upon the ground, in woodlands green.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Easter Egg Hunt

April brings a holiday
bright and glad in every way.

On that day we go outside,
hunting for the eggs that hide
under every bush and tree
that Easter Bunny leaves for me! 

Eggs of purple, pink and blue,
yellow chicks and chocolates too,
hidden where the children find
Easter treats of every kind! 

Searching in the grass so green,
here I found a jelly bean! 
Fill my basket, one by one
Easter hunts are so much fun! 

© Katharine L. Sparrow



Summer Sun

I like to see the shiny sun
setting at the beach.
Dad buys us an ice cream cone,
me and my brother, each.
It's something that we always do
on warmish summer nights.
The streaks of gold and purple
are one of my favorite sights!
Sometimes we sit inside the car
and lick our cones and watch
the orange ball go down into
the ocean, notch by notch.
It seems that it would fizzle
and send up a lot of steam-
but it just sinks and turns the sky
to colors, like a dream.
We run along the seashore,
making footprints in the sand,
as nature paints the clouds for us
with her gigantic hand.
And when the final glowing sliver
sinks beneath the sea,
we climb back in the car again-
my brother, Dad and me.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The Best Season

Summer is the best of seasons!
If you're not sure of all the reasons,
I can give examples of
the things in summer that I love...
the sandy beach, where I find shells
and pebbles in the swishy swells--
where waves roll up to chase my toes
and then back to the sea it goes.
And stopping at the ice cream shop
(be careful not to drop a glop!).
Corn on the cob and when we run
through sprinklers, which is SO much fun! 
And I like every summer day
that lasts and lasts so I can stay
awake and wait for sunset skies
when I can catch some fireflies
to blink in jars up on the chest--
all these make summer time the best.
So now you know that I'm not teasin',
'cuz summer is the nicest season. 

© Katharine L Sparrow

Summer Treat

In summer, nothing ever tastes so good
as ice cream on a cone, melty and sweet.
A  steamy evening, and it's understood
that eating one may not be very neat!

Frosty, yummy, sticky summer treat.

© Katharine L Sparrow

Red Pail

I'm on the beach with my red pail,
where some folks like to swim or sail,
but I prefer to walk and fill
my bright red pail with things until
it's full right to the very top-
and only then I'll have to stop
to look at all the things I've found
while walking on the sandy ground.

Today I found a heart-shaped stone
a hermit crab, only half grown,
a piece of seaweed, limey green,
the whitest shell you've ever seen.
I put them all inside my pail
along with one horseshoe crab tail,
a piece of sea glass, sparkling blue,
the feather of a seagull too.

And finally, just to fill my pail,
I added one small brownish snail,
who sat upon the heart-shaped stone
right next to hermit crab, half-grown.
He told my crab a little tale
of how he once rode on a whale
across the greenish bluish sea
right to this beach, and then to me.

And when I looked, well I could tell
that my snail liked my crab so well
that they should stay together, so,
I dumped my pail and let them go
into the salty water where
I'm pretty certain they're still there-
and they will never be alone,
but happy, on my heart-shaped stone. 

© Katharine L Sparrow




Autumn Melody

My fingers reaching up,
they're wiggling in the sapphire sky.
The tips are damp with blue,
like water color dye.

I'm breathing in the cold.
I'm tasting zest of apple's munch.
I'm twirling with the leaves -
I'm stomping as they crunch.

All around me now,
where red, orange and gold are blown;
the crisping in the air
means summer days have flown.

I greet the blustering winds.
The summer will return, I know;
but now the breath of autumn
whispers hints of snow.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

A Cat's Thanksgiving

We all come together on Thanksgiving Day
to eat lots of food in a dazzling array.
Us kitties love turkey, and so we all wait
for Mama to give us a bit on our plate.
And since it's a holiday, she often does.
Thanksgiving is awesome, and also because
we kitties join paws when we're done with our food-
our whiskers are wet and our tummies protrude.
But we take a moment for each one to say
just why he is thankful, this thanksgiving day.
We're thankful for cuddles and for our nice house.
We're thankful whenever we catch a fat mouse.
We're thankful for fires that warm us all through,
and mostly for people who love us, like you! 
So on this fine day, when our turkey is done,
we'll purr as we stretch in a pool of bright sun
that shines through the window upon a soft rug...
and hope you'll be thankful for us, with a hug.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Fall's Fairy

 When summer turns its face away
and autumn sets the woods ablaze
that's when, as lore and legend say,
Fall's Fairy steps from sunlit haze.
She comes to tell the creatures there,
when summer turns its face away,
the squirrel, rabbit, deer and bear
that winter snows are on the way.
She warns them that each passing day
the gentle winds turn chill and cold-
when summer turns its face away,
as lore and legend always told.
And then, before the season ends,
the wise old owl swoops down to say
thank-you from all her woodland friends
when summer turns its face away.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Old Mr. Bleak

Old Mr. Bleak was mean and cruel-
he chased the children after school
when they would wander past his place.
They screamed to see his scary face!
For Mr. Bleak had eyes of coal,
a stubbled face, a hairy mole,
old yellowed teeth, a creepy grin,
a bald old head, a pointed chin.
He chased the children with a rake,
sometimes a hoe or garden stake-
and I don't know, but it's been said
he laughed when Mrs. Bleak dropped dead!
One pitch black night a storm came by-
the lightning crashed and lit the sky.
Next morning Mr. Bleak was found
inside his barn - burned to the ground!
A rake was in his blackened hand-
who knows what cruelty he had planned!
But Mr. Bleak was dead and charred-
the children need not fear his yard.
that very year, on Halloween,
a ghostly fire could be seen
just where the old man's barn had stood!
The spooky blaze burned up the wood,
but standing in the leaping fire
with red flames climbing ever higher,
there stood the ghost of Mr Bleak.
Holding his rake, he didn't speak
but held it up as if to chase
the children from his burned down place.
Old Mr. Bleak was cruel and mean...
and he comes back on Halloween.

© Katharine L Sparrow

Picking Pumpkins

Off to the harvest farm we went 
to pick an orange pumpkin.
We took a ride in a hay cart,
just like a country bumpkin.
We saw a pig and chicken coops,
a llama and a cow
(you know, we get our milk from them,
but I'm not sure just how).

And then we saw the pumpkin field,
with pumpkins all around.
I looked and looked to find the very best
that could be found.
I wanted one that had a stem
that curved up like a hat,
so I could carve a face on it-
can you imagine that?
A scary face, with spooky eyes,
a wide and toothy grin-
and Mom would hollow out inside
to put a candle in.

I looked and looked all through the field
and finally found the best-
a big fat orange pumpkin,
oranger than all the rest.
We took it home and carved a face
and put him on the stair,
where everyone will see him shine-
he'll give them all a scare...
especially at night time,
when his creepy candle glows.
I'm still not sure how cows give milk, 
perhaps my pumpkin knows!

© Katharine L Sparrow

After Halloween


So where do they go, after Halloween night?-
the ghouls and the goblins who gave us a fright?
Could any be lurking around in my room?-
A ghost or a monster, a witch with a broom?

Alone in my bed, and I simply can't sleep.
The door of my closet is open a peep.
I think there's a zombie who's hiding in there,
and I'm sure there's an evil black cat on the chair!

 If only the darkness were not quite so dim-
I'd leap out of bed and yell "raaah!" to scare him!
But under the covers I know I'm secure-
(at least I think so, I'm not totally sure).

 I think I hear footsteps, thudding up the stair!
I dive in the covers and hide myself there.
I shake like a leaf, there are steps in the hall...
a big giant shadow appears on my wall!

I shudder and hope it is all a bad dream.
And just as I'm ready to let out a scream,
the light flickers on and my bedroom is bright-
and it's only Mom who has turned on the light!

The lump on the chair's not an old witch's cat,
but my big bag of candy, can you believe that?
And there are no zombies, peering out at me
(my Mom lets me open the door, just to see).

 She tucks me all in, snug and warm in my bed,
and she lets me know I have nothing to dread.
She says that it's safe now to sleep through the night-
the goblins have gone, witches taken flight.

The zombies have all staggered off down the streets,
and that evil black cat is no more than my sweets.
She gives me a kiss and she says "pleasant dreams"...
I guess Halloween's not as real as it seems.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat, it's Halloween! 
My costume is the best you've seen.
I'm dressed up as a giant rat-
whiskers and all, imagine that!
I have big ears made out of fuzz
a black nose where my pink one was.
I even have a long thin tail
that hangs way down so it can trail
through crackling leaves as I walk by.
I love to look up to the sky
that's sprinkled with a billion stars
that sparkle all the way to mars,
as we go walking, house to house.
One lady thought I was a mouse!
But then I said I was a rat
and she said

 "Well! Imagine that!"

© Katharine L Sparrow




Happy New Year

"Happy New Year!" I  heard them say-
but this is just another day!
I really don't see what's so new
and special, like the others do.
The only difference I can see,
that makes today look differently-
a calender on our fridge door
that's not the one we had before.
The pages all have flowers, where
the one before had kittens there.
I liked the kittens one the best,
so I'm not glad, like all the rest
who said that this is New Year's Day,
and special ... so I heard them say.

© Katharine L Sparrow

Leaves and Snow

The leaves fall on my head like yellow rain.
Soon all the trees and branches will be plain-
just sticks that stretch out tall to scrape the sky.
They tickle clouds and make the snowflakes fly!
I like to play in leaves of fall
but I like snow days best of all!
When winter snow makes everything all white
and covers cars and bushes in the night,
I go out early, dressed in boots and hat
and nothing can be happier than that!
I like to play in leaves of fall
but I like snow days BEST of all! 

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Giggles for Valentine's

I gave to her a flowered Valentine
in second grade, when cards were passed around.
 Eliza was an extra special girl-
her giggle was my very favorite sound.
So I gave her the very bestest card-
a big red heart, with yellow flowers too.
I hoped that she would giggle just for me,
and then I'd know Eliza liked me too.
When Miss Martinez stepped outside the room,
I knew that moment was my bestest chance
to give my giggly friend her special card...
I walked up to Eliza in a trance.
"Hello Eliza" I managed to say
"I hope that you will be my Valentine".
I handed her the card and watched her face
to see if she would give me any sign.
Eliza looked that red card up and down
and then it started, like a little coo.
It turned into her bestest giggle yet!
Now I'm sure that Eliza likes me too.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Christmas Magic

He had to check on Bobby Blair.
He crept up softly on each stair,
and into Bobby's room he went.
It seems a letter Bobby sent
had worried poor old Santa Claus.
He had to see how Bobby was!

Now Santa only has one night.
He flies before the morning light-
through wind and snow and stormy skies,
from house to house Santa Claus flies!
So he won't always have the time
on Christmas, up the stairs to climb.

But Bobby had been very sick,
so Santa went upstairs real quick
to make sure Bobby Blair was well.
At first, he thought, he couldn't tell.
But Bobby opened up his eyes,
and woke to find a big surprise!

He gave Santa a sleepy grin
as Santa tucked a bear right in!
He said if Bobby hugged him near,
he'd have a Christmas full of cheer.
Then Santa pulled the quilt up warm,
and disappeared into the storm.

There must have been magic, somehow,
for Bobby's hail and healthy now!
On Christmas Day, that teddy bear
stayed by the side of Bobby Blair.
And still, as far as we can tell-
Bobby is feeling fit and well.  

© Katharine L Sparrow

The Snow Queen

When autumn blows away its leaves of gold,
and skies from blue turn cold and steely gray-
when gentle breeze transforms to icy cold,
the Snow Queen makes an entrance on her sleigh.
She's pulled by regal reindeer through the trees,
arriving on a chill and frosted morn.
From woodlands still, the Snow Queen glides with ease,
emerging with a crown of ice and thorn.
Then with a gentle motion toward the sky,
she summons from the clouds a falling snow-
and drifting down, the crystal snowflakes fly, 
while frigid winds about her start to blow.
As winter drapes the woods in fading light,
her fingers touch the air, and all is white.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Kitties' Christmas

All ready for Christmas are Ash and Snowflake-
two Christmastime kitties, who just want to make
this Christmas the bestest of all, and for that,
they both have decided to wear a nice hat!

Now Ash is the color of ashes, you see.
She's wearing her greenish hat, under the tree.
And Snowflake, well he is is the color of snow-
as white as the drifts that a blizzard will blow.

Now Snowflake is wearing a hat of bright red.
He looks very handsome, or so Ash has said.
They're waiting for Santa, for he's coming soon.
They're sleepy now, they have been waiting since noon!

They want him to see them so he can admire
their hats, as they sit by the crackling fire.
Then they will climb up on his lap and they'll purr,
and Santa will sit there and stroke their soft fur.

He'll fill all the stockings, he'll pull out some toys,
and next come the kitties' bestest Christmas joys-
For Santa will pull from his pocket a treat
for each of the kitties in their hats to eat.

He'll feed Ash and Snowflake right out of his hand-
these kitties can't wait, it will all be so grand! 
And so, in their hats, they will sit and they'll wait
throughout Christmas eve, till it gets very late.

Then they will see Santa, and sit on his knee-
and eat Christmas treats beneath their Christmas tree.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Seeing Santa Claus

All tucked up in my cozy bed,
I could not go to sleep.
I hoped Santa was coming,
'cause the snow was growing deep.
I wasn't sure he'd make it,
through the swirling storm and all.
I thought I'd go and look for him,
beyond the garden wall.

I went downstairs so quietly
and pulled my snow boots on.
Outside I shivered in the snow,
and crept across the lawn,
all covered over with the snow,
and to the garden wall.
I climbed the trellis, peered over,
but saw nothing at all.

I shivered in the frosty air,
and thought I should go back.
But then I spotted something coming,
carrying a pack!
And as the form came closer,
I could see a long white beard,
a bright red suit, a jolly face,
and Santa Claus appeared!

He said to me in his low voice,
"What are you doing here?"
His cheeks were bright and rosy,
and his smile was full of cheer.
I told him I was worried
that he'd be caught in the storm.
(I knew I should be back inside
where it was safe and warm.)

He said, "Now don't you worry
I've been through the snow before.
I promise I won't miss your house,
but first - the one next door.
I want you to go back inside
and snuggle in your bed,
and by the time I get there,
I want dreams to fill your head.
And you'll see in the morning
how I manage in the snow-
but out here in the cold
is not the place to be, you know."

And so I trudged back to the house,
and up the stairs to sleep.
I didn't worry anymore
about the snow so deep.
I knew that in the morning,
it would be as Santa said.
I snuggled down and slept, as dreams
of Christmas filled my head.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

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