Poems 4

Jack and Jodi

A Nursery Rhyme

Hidee hodee,
Jack and Jodi
went to take a walk.
Hidee haydee,
met a lady,
and they stopped to talk.
She was born in muffin land,
where the muffins taste so grand,
she gave them each a muffin and
continued down the block.

Hidee Hodee,
Jack and Jodi
happened then to meet
hidee haydee
Tom O'Grady,
who they stopped to greet.
Tom was such a friendly guy,
shared with them a piece of pie,
tipped his hat and said goodbye,
and walked on down the street,

Hidee Hodee,
Jack told Jodi,
though the treats were yummy-
he must complain, he had a pain
in the middle of his tummy.
Haydee hidee,
baked and friedee,
special treats are good-
but as you see, though good they be,
eat healthy, like you should!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Dragonfly Wishes

Watch them skimming lightly by-
hold your breath and make a wish!
Into evening's glow they fly-
silent, as the grasses swish,
carrying your dreams aloft...
through the dusk into the night,
on the summer breezes soft-
fading, slipping, out of sight

Wishes come true, by and by,
cast upon the dragonfly!

© Katharine L. Sparrow


I'd like to have the stars come down
and twinkle in my room at night
so I could lie there, looking up
at constellations, vast and bright.
I'd tell myself the story of
Orion, mighty hunter brave
who lives forever in the sky
instead of in an earthly grave.
I'd watch the dipper, pouring out
a glistening stream of milky way,
and wish upon the biggest star
that shoots to earth, a silver sleigh.
And when I'd finally close my eyes
beneath the starry ceiling, then
the stars would blink out, one by one
and leave my bedroom plain again.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The Boss

I'm Leia the boss, a Siamese cat.
I'll tell you, it's not quite as simple as that.-
For I am in charge of this neat little house,
a much harder challenge than catching a mouse!
It's true that I am getting onward in age,
but that makes me wiser, more cunning, and sage.

I tell my good housemaid just what she must do
and I tell her when she should get to it too.
If it's time for my supper, I sit on her table
and stare at her face as hard as I'm able
'til she gets the idea that I need her to move
(she's not very bright, as this poem will prove).

And when I am tired and in need of a nap,
I plant myself willfully right on her lap.
If this little tactic doesn't get through to her
I jump down and rub on her legs and I purr,
till she finally sees she should lie on the couch.
So you see, I am busy, not just any old slouch!

And as far as the felines that live here with me-
they need bossing too, as you shall soon see!
If I find one asleep in my favorite spot
I sit down right on him with all that I've got-
and though I am tiny (just seven pounds/two)
I stretch myself out, and he soon gets the clue.

And when someone else wants to eat from my dish
when I'm trying to eat there, I give him a hiss
If that doesn't do it, I'll bat with my paw
and plant one right on him, or scratch with a claw.
Oh yes, I'm quite sure that the other cats know
just who is the boss here, and how things should go.

I'm fourteen years old, but I'm sure you can see
that no one would know what to do without me!
I'm Leia the boss, a Siamese cat-
in charge of this house, it's as simple as that.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The Kitten Tree

Have you ever seen a kitten tree?
I know I have, so just ask me!
And if perchance you didn't know,
the deepest forest is where they grow.
Their trunks are empty, so inside
is where the little kittens hide-
and out in front there is a door.
Above are windows, three or more,
where each small kitten looks about
to see if they want to go out
and chase butterflies in the sun-
for that is what they do for fun!
So if a kitten is what you need,
head for the forest, and proceed
to find a tree that has a door
and windows, where kittens look for
the butterflies that fill the air...
but just be careful not to scare
the kittens - they're so small, you see.
That's how you'll find the kitten tree.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

My Neighbor

My neighbor, Sheamus Finnegan,
has a small beard upon his chin
it wiggles when he smiles a grin,
and that's the way he's always been.

And Sheamus has a little shed
out back behind his flower bed,
while we have a garage instead-
he's quite peculiar, some have said.

For Sheamus Finnegan won't go
far from his little house, although
he did once have to buy a hoe
to use to make his garden grow.

But otherwise, old Sheamus stays
at home with his peculiar ways.
He picks his flowers for bouquets-
and that's how Sheamus spends his days.

My neighbor, Sheamus Finnegan
has a small beard upon his chin-
it wiggles when he smiles at me,
and that's the way he'll always be.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Tookle Land

I'm sailing off to Tookle Land,
where rainbows shine, and life is grand,
where bunnies live with Tookles, and
they live quite happily.
Now Tookle Land is past the sea,
where Tookles wait to welcome me,
and every Tookle family
keeps rabbits there for pets.
A Tookle never once forgets
to feed his furry little pets-
so when in Tookle country, lets
feed bunny rabbits too.
Now Tookle bunnies love to chew
on grass and hay that's colored blue,
and I'll bet that you never knew
that grass could grow this way.
For where the Tookle children play
(which they do, every single day)
the colors there, I have to say,
are stranger than I've seen.
The grass is blue, the sky is green,
and all the things from in between
are colored with the rainbow's sheen
of purple, pink and red.
And so, before they go to bed,
the Tookle's rabbits all are fed,
and everything is as I said-
so grand in Tookle Land!

© Katharine L. Sparrow


Giraffe Geraldine is the tallest you've seen-
she can see over houses and even between!
But then, even she, who's as high as a tree,
knows how to cross streets, and do it safely! 

Giraffe Geraldine is as long as she's lean-
she's always been nice and never once mean.
And Geraldine knows, when crossing the street,
you look left and right - two times, and don't cheat! 

For even though she is as slim as a bean
if she doesn't look, cars could hit Geraldine
and no one would want Geraldine to get hurt
so please look both ways, if you're tall or a squirt!

Giraffe Geraldine is the tallest you've seen
she watches for street lights to turn red and green.
Then she turns her head, from its wondrous height,
to look to the left and then to the right.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

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The Old Woman in the Wood:
A Grimm's Fairy Tale

A poor young girl, lost alone in the wood,
amongst the tall pines, where an old oak tree stood.
She sat and she cried until the evening came,
and there in the dark, someone called her by name.
Aglow in the boughs of a pine tree above,
there perched on a branch, a little white dove.
The dove said "I'll help you, my girl, if I can-
take this golden key, and I'll tell you my plan".

She found that the key opened up a small door
in a hillside, and there she found food and much more!
Such elegant clothing, a soft feather bed!-
and there the girl lived, 'til the dove came and said-
"Would you do me this favor, I'm asking of you?"
The girl answered "Anything! What should I do?"

The dove said "Please go through the wood to a house,
and search for a ring that's as plain as a mouse-
not one bright with jewels or engraved with fine lines.
Just bring it back here, underneath the tall pines.
There's a woman who lives in the house, you must know,
and she will try hard to stop you, if you go.
Just walk past her quick, and do not say a thing,
go straight to the jewel box and look for the ring."

The girl did exactly what white dove had said-
she went to the house, her heart filled with dread.
But when the old woman said "Get out of here!",
the girl found the jewel box, and searched without fear.
She found the plain ring, and walked past the old witch,
and returned to the forest trees, without a hitch.

But finding her friend the white dove was not there,
she sat at the base of the old oak tree, where
she felt so alone and so sad and afraid,
till the branches reached down, and around her were laid.
As she turned to see if the oak tree meant her harm,
each branch transformed magically into an arm!
She found herself held in the arms of a prince!-
and there she has been, as his wife, ever since.

For the witch stole his ring and cast on him a spell,
and made him an oak, but did not do it well.
So when the girl took the ring back to the dove,
the oak turned back into the prince, her true love.

© Katharine L. Sparrow


What is my belly button for?-
a question that you can't ignore,
for when you look, you'll always see
a little hole in your belly!
I wonder if a lady bug
lives there inside, all nice and snug
or if it's meant to hold a jewel
that you can show your friends at school.
Or do you put some salt in there
when lying in a bathtub, where
your celery gets dipped right in-
(or would the salt just burn my skin?)
And then there's those that stick right out
now what could that be all about?-
a reset button, when you're sad
to change your feelings back to glad?
Perhaps that little belly hole
is there because the angels stole
a piece of belly, just an inch,
when they gave me a little pinch,
before I floated down to earth
from heaven, just before my birth.
I guess I'll never really know-
it's fun to wonder, even though
the belly button seems to be
a funny curiosity.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Moon Love

A Lullaby

Quiet now, and hear a lullaby-
stars are out and winking in the sky.
Yellow moon is smiling from above,
wrapping baby, soft in glowing love.
Close your eyes, my sleepy little one.
Sleep until the shining moon is done-
gone to bed before the rising sun.
Close your eyes, my sleepy little one.
Ride on moonbeams in your baby dreams.
Reach and touch each twinkling star that gleams.
Wear a crown of starlight on your head-
all the while, you're dreaming in your bed.
Close your eyes, my sleepy little one.
Sleep until the shining moon is done-
gone to bed before the rising sun.
Close your eyes, my sleepy little one.
Let the moonlight guard you as you sleep-
through the window, let the starlight creep.
Wrapped in warmth, beneath the loving moon,
slumber safe, for morning's coming soon
Close your eyes, my sleepy little one.
Sleep until the shining moon is done-
gone to bed before the rising sun.
Close your eyes, my sleepy little one.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Popping  Pleasure

Why is it that I can't resist,
when once I start, cannot desist
the strong temptation just to pop
those little bubbles.... I can't stop!

Is that not what this wrap is for?
How could it be for something more
than pressing bubbles, one by one-
that popping sound is so much fun!

And let me share a little trick-
bunch bubble wrap up nice and thick,
then twist around with both your hands.
A bubble popper understands
the lovely burst of snapping sounds
that happens when your squeeze compounds
delightful crackling bubble wrap.

And so each time I lift the flap
of packages mailed out to me,
and bubble wrap is there to see-
I grab that first and I don't care
what else is in my package there.
It matters not what's in that box...
just love that bubble wrap - it rocks!

©  Katharine L. Sparrow

Sleeping Arrangements

My favorite bear, he sleeps with me-
every single night.
Oh, he has his own house and all,
but I just think he might
be scared to be alone out there,
especially at night.

My favorite bear, he has a house,
way out in the wood.
And it belongs to only him,
and so I know he could
decide that he'd sleep there instead,
but I don't think he should.

I visited his house one time,
built into a tree.
He hardly ever has a guest,
so it was only me.
My bear, he seemed so happy there,
and whistled merrily.

My brother, he just won't believe
my bear has his own home.
He says that, living in a tree,
you'd find a sprite or gnome.
He doesn't think my little bear
could leave our house to roam.

But Bear and I, we both are sure
about his secret space.
And I am sure he'll never choose
to sleep at his own place.
But I still hug him close at night and love him...
just in case.

© Katharine L. Sparrow


Circle 'round the little lamb.
Thank-you sir, you're welcome ma'am!
Butterflies and bumble bees-
use good manners, if you please!

Holding hands, we dance around,
prancing, leaping off the ground.
With our little lamb we play
and sing, in the politest way-
asking friends, "how do you do?"
"I'm just fine thanks, how 'bout you?"

Circle 'round the little lamb
see just how polite I am!
Butterflies and bumble bees-
you say thank-you, I'll say please!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Mr. Squiggledy

Dear old Mr. Squiggledy-
wherever I go, he goes with me.
And Mr. Squiggledy's lots of fun!
I call him Squig, and he's the one
who's by my side, both day and night.
If you saw him, you'd have a fright!
For Squig, he has the biggest ears
for all my secrets that he hears-
and on his face, a squiggle goes
where other people have a nose!
And Mr. Squiggledy blows bubbles
whenever I have lots of troubles.
He makes my troubles float away,
so Squig and I can run and play.
My swing he pushes, oh so high!
My feet can nearly touch the sky,
when Mr. Squiggledy is there-
and he goes with me, everywhere.
But sometimes Mother wants to know
just who I'm talking to, and so 
I always tell her who I see-
it's only Mr. Squiggledy!
We're quite a pair, 
old Squig and me.

© Katharine L. Sparrow