Poems 3

Uncle Hal

Uncle Hal made a swing so I could swing it,
if there were a song about Hal, I'd sing it-
he's a really great guy,
and I'll tell you why
he's my favorite Uncle Hal.

Uncle Hal has a wonderful way with swings
(he can build houses and lots of things),
he found a big tree,
just perfect for me
to hang my beautiful swing.

He threw a strong rope up over the bough
(he's not very tall, so I'm not sure just how).
He took some wide wood,
smoothed it down so I could
sit on my magical swing.

My swing still hangs on that big tree.
It quietly sits there and waits for me,
and whenever he can,
Uncle Hal is the man
who pushes me on my swing.

Yes, Uncle Hal has a way with things,
(he certainly knows just how to make swings),
and he always shall
be my special pal-
my favorite Uncle Hal.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The Tree People

["Tall Trees" by Ralph Horsley]

If you walk in the forest
deeper than you should,
proceed with caution!
(at least, I would!)-
for there in the deep
of forest green
live the strangest people
you've ever seen.

They dwell up high
in the forest trees,
their homes are built
in the branches of these-
and if they touch
the forest floor,
the tree people
will be no more.

Ages ago,
a wizard passed by,
before the tree people
lived up so high.
He cast on them
a wicked spell,
and still today
the tale they tell,
up in the leafy
boughs of green,
with bridges stretching
in between.

The wizard cried,
"You now shall be
forever, people of the tree!-
and if you touch the ground once more,
you'll sink into the forest floor!"

And ever since that fateful day,
the tree people have had to stay
within the tall trees, off the ground,
where leaves and branches spread around
each tiny house and bridge across,
which glow with green, covered in moss.

If you should find
the people there,
living in trees,
don't stop and stare-
just walk away
and leave them be
(at least I would,
if it were me).

© Katharine L. Sparrow


Why can't we have dessert for dinner?
Why must you start out as a beginner?
Why can't a chicken fly on its wings?
So many questions for so many things!
Where do the stars go when it is light?
How can an owl see so well at night?
Why can't I purr like a sleepy old cat?
Did you ever stop to consider that?
I need lots of answers to oodles of things-
like why can't a person laugh while he sings?
And another good answer that I'd like to know-
why don't the grown-ups appreciate snow?
There are so many questions, and that's just the start-
when I find all the answers, I'll be very smart.
And I'll never say "That's just the way that things are"
when my children ask me why the moon is so far.
I'll know all the answers, I'll tell them the truth
about how to deal with a very loose tooth-
and for dinner I'll serve them dessert with a spoon...
I hope I can figure the answers out soon!

© Katharine L. Sparrow


I have a little goldfish,
a-swimming in a tank-
but I can't have a puppy,
and I have my fish to thank.
I asked Dad for a puppy,
he said "You have a pet!
Maybe someday you'll get one",
but I haven't got him yet.
He says I must start feeding
my goldfish every day
to learn responsibility,
and not just run and play.
I said I might I forget,
'cuz my fish is awfully quiet-
a puppy, he could bark at me,
but Dad, he didn't buy it.
A goldfish isn't cuddly,
you can't take him for a walk-
I tried to tell my Dad this,
but he didn't want to talk.
So now I try each day
to put food inside that tank-
I still don't have my puppy,
and I have the fish to thank

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Violet Fairies

On a violet eve,
when the moon is high,
and it shines like gold
in the violet sky-
if you're very quiet,
you just may hear
the wings of fairies
fluttering near.
For when the sky,
still streaked with light,
gives a violet hue
to the coming night,
then that's the time
when fairies fly
with the fireflies
twinkling nearby.

If you see the blink
of a firefly's twink
stand still as stone,
and what do you think?-
You'll see a blur
of violet dust,
carried on the air
in a windy gust-
and if you do,
then that will mean
a violet fairy
you have seen!
Then close your eyes
and make a wish,
as the violet fairy
flies with a swish,
away from sight-
she's shy, you see,
but we know she was there
just you and me.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Elephant Shower

An elephant has the biggest feet,
the hugest ears, the longest trunk-
and on a day that's dry and hot,
he'll find a pool and take a dunk!
He'll stand in water, ankle deep,
swookle it up inside his nose.
He'll raise it high over his head,
and use it as a cooling hose!
It would be so much easier
if I could have an elephant's snout
to take my shower, then and there,
when I'm at play, out and about.
I wouldn't have to go inside
and bother getting all undressed-
I'd lift my trunk and spray away,
and just forget about the rest!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Scooter and Me

Whenever I take Scooter out
to get some air and walk about
so many people stare at me
and Scooter- he's my dog, you see.

Well Scooter, he is very long,
so people think there's something wrong-
that Scooter really shouldn't be
as long as that, walking with me.

They say he's like a sausage link,
a hot dog in a bun, they think-
and Scooter doesn't try to hide
his ears that spread a mile wide.

They say he's like a limousine,
who's doors stand open, and between
his floppy ears, he has a nose
that's pointed, just above his toes.

But though is legs are short and squat,
I like him, and do you know what?
My Scooter never seems to care
that people always stop and stare.

A finer dog there couldn't be
we're perfect friends, Scooter and me.

© Katharine L Sparrow

Grumpy Cat

They always call me grumpy
it's every day the same.
It makes me feel all wumpy
that I don't have a name.
I may, at times, seem dumpy,
but that's no cause for shame-
and just because I'm lumpy
it doesn't mean I'm lame.
But when I'm mad, I'm thumpy
and won't join in the game.
It makes the others jumpy
and they say I'm to blame.
My friends say I'm too bumpy-
impossible, they claim.
So that's why I'm called grumpy
and why I have no name!

© Katharine L Sparrow

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The Dewdrop King

Nectar of the dawn in spring-
can you find the Dewdrop King?-
landing on a beaded blade
of sorrel grass; a magic glade,
where dwell the fairies, sprites and faes
and where the shy Dewdrop King stays.

King of fairies, faes and sprites,
dewdrops fall as he alights
and flitters from each leaf and stem,
shaking dewdrop showers for them,
who stand beneath, bathing in light
of falling dewdrops, shining bright.

Stretching out a tiny wing,
sprites and fairies wash and sing,
as they have their dewdrop shower,
falling from a dewy flower,
soft upon each sprite and fae,
rinsing sleepy dust away.

When their wings are wet and clean,
sprites and fairies can be seen
spreading them out for the sun
to dry them, as the day's begun-
and when their wings are clean and dry,
the fairies, faes and sprites can fly.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The Slide

I love the very slidy slide
that in the playground stands.
I love how every child slides down
and at the bottom lands.
Especially, it's best for me
when I climb to the top-
a gentle push and I go whoosh!-
and slide until I stop.
The slide is oh-so-slippery
that I can slide so fast.
It has a curvy turvy twist
that makes the sliding last.
When I slid down on my first try,
I guess I was afraid-
but after that first whooshy ride,
I stayed all day and played.
Up the slide steps, one by one,
I climbed over again.
That's why I stayed and played all day,
I was so happy then.
So if you'd like a slidy ride,
you should just come around.
and try the very slidy slide
that stands in my playground.

© Katharine L. Sparrow



Listen to the hush of night,
hear the evening fairies bright-
dancing, oh-so-soft above,
dusting you with fairy love.
Hear the hush of starry skies,
listen as you close your eyes-
can you hear the milky way
spilling toward the light of day?
Hush now, time to go to sleep,
till the morning light will creep-
blinking stars out, one by one,
till another day's begun.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The Red Fairy

Under a toadstool, in woodlands deep,
there lives a red fairy, whose red wings sweep
along the leaves of the forest fern,
as her red gown flows with every turn.
She holds in her hand an enchanted vine-
around her shoulders, its leaves entwine,
and at the tip that she holds aloft
shines a magical light, glowing soft.
It's said that the fairies who live on the floor
of the woodlands deep, all simply adore
the beautiful fairy, dressed in red,
a crown of gold ivy upon her head-
and when she walks among them there,
they follow along, most everywhere-
in case they need her magical vine
to touch their heads with its mystical shine.
It heals all their ills and makes them gleam
with the light of the fairies, as if in a dream.
Under a toadstool, with wings of red,
lives a beautiful fairy, or so it's said.

© Katharine L. Sparrow


I am a cat called Samalam-
I've never been sure why I am
a cat with such a silly name,
but I'm still called that, just the same.

When I bounce, I'm more like Sammy.
When I pounce, they call me Lammy!
Samalam is how I'm known-
it's different, (though it makes me groan).

I'm sleeky, silky, orange too-
I'd say I'm handsome, wouldn't you?
My fur is striped like a wild cat-
makes me look fierce, but I'm not that.

I'm really just a friend to those
who hug me, hold me, rub my nose.
My thoughts are not so very deep-
my favorite hobby is to sleep!

Sometimes, when I'm awake, I see
a birdie flitting in a tree-
and then I wish that I could go
and chase him, but I shouldn't, so...

I'm pouncy bouncy Samalam-
an orange cat, that's all I am.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Never Smash A Mushroom

Never smash a mushroom!-
you can never tell
who might be beneath it-
little elves may dwell
there under the mushroom,
sheltered from the rain-
an ordinary mushroom,
that may look rather plain.
Beneath their cozy mushroom,
safe from wind and storm,
elves may just be sleeping,
comfortable and warm.
Sometimes you can't see them-
they are very small,
but that still doesn't mean
that elves aren't there at all.
Where mushrooms grow together
there you'll surely know
that elves do live among them
for that's why mushrooms grow.
So if you see a mushroom
growing on the ground,
treat it with the utmost care,
for that's where elves are found.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The Track Trick

When you're out in the car,
sitting there in the back-
you must be alert
for each railroad track.
There is something special
that you need to do
when you go rumbling over
to bring luck to you.
Each time you pass over,
you must lift your feet-
just lift them up high
and lean back in your seat.
Your luck will turn bad
if feet stay on the floor.
You'll have more misfortune
than you had before.
But lift them right up
over each railroad track,
you'll soon find your luck
will come quickly back.
Just try it, you'll see!
This trick is quite true!-
so please lift your feet
when you go rumbling through.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Ocean Alphabet


All across the world,
beneath the deep blue sea-
carp and cod and other fish
delight in swimming free.
Every little fishy
finds it's very nice
going back and forth,
huddled under ice.
In and out of seaweed,
just imagine fish-
kelp and ocean grasses,
lap them with a swish.
Marblefish and bluefish
never ever stop-
ocean life is busy, with
perch skimming on top.
Quillfish, shark and dolphins,
rolling with the trout,
swimming all the time,
till they're all tuckered out.
Underneath the ocean,
very sleepy heads
want to get some rest on their
xyloid reeds for beds.

Yes, the fish are all asleep now....

© Katharine L. Sparrow