Poems 2

No Peeking!

Don't you peek!
Close your eyes!
imagine in your mind -
what might be
your surprise,
and hold your hands behind.
Could it be
a new toy
a plane that really flies?
Squeeze them shut-
you can see it soar
through bluest

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Betsy Blue

Betsy Blue is a wonderful cow
she brown and she's white,
and I don't know how she got to be
a cow who's a cow
so perfectly!

Betsy Blue is quite beautiful too
her spots are just right
so clean, that she might just have to be
the cleanest cow
you'll ever see!

Betsy Blue can chew and chew
on grasses and straw
all day she can gnaw, while she stares at me
and eats her hay
so chewily!

I dearly love my Betsy Blue
and I'm very sure
that you'd love her too, if you just knew
how wonderfully
a cow can be!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

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Our Story

I went to the doctor to get my shot.
I didn't want to, oh no I did not!
Mom promised it wouldn't hurt me a bit.
The nurse said that I'd barely notice it.
But when that gigantic needle came out,
those sweet, soothing words I began to doubt.
I cried and screamed and squirmed off that table.
They tried hard to catch me, but were unable.
Just then the doctor in white coat appeared.
He looked at me sternly, a pin prick I feared.
He told me that if I could count to three,
a special surprise was awaiting me!
And I so wanted that special surprise,
I stuck out my arm and squeezed shut my eyes.
Slowly I counted out ONE and then TWO,
before I said THREE, he said we were through!
The doc had tricked me, on TWO he had poked!
I had been swindled, befuddled and joked!
But all of my anger quickly would end,
when placed in my hands was a special friend.
I hugged him so close, it was such a thrill!
To this very day, I'm hugging him still.
So that is the story, my faithful bear,
of how we two came to be such a pair.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Camp Daisy Scout

The bus took us out to Camp Daisy Scout,
for miles and miles we rode-
far from our city (which I think is pretty)
that bus traveled with its big load.

And all of us snacked on snacks we had packed,
for the ride was quite long indeed.
We all brought a book, but I couldn't look,
I was far too nervous to read.

The girls on the bus were all strangers to us,
that's Suzy O'Donnell and me-
and I only knew me and Suzy, just two
of the girls on the bus I could see.

What if there's a bear when we finally get there,
who will eat us all up for dinner?
And what if the food is all vegetables, stewed-
if it is, I'll get thinner and thinner!

I thought of my mother, and just then another,
who was riding to Camp Daisy Scout,
started to cheer and sing "Yay, we are here!"
and the other girls started to shout.

But what if they're mean and make us all clean,
as I'd heard they might do from my brother?
Then Suzy was sent to the little kid's tent,
and I wished I was back with my mother.

My tent was so small, and that wasn't all-
my bed was the bunk bed below.
I wanted to hop on that bunk bed up top,
but the girl on it I didn't know.

Later that day, I learned her name was Faye,
which means fairy, or so she told me-
and nary a bear could be seen anywhere,
and no one had cause to scold me.

We swam in the lake, made sun catchers to take
to our mothers, when camp was through.
We had a camp fire, and Faye had to admire
how I toasted my marshmallows too.

It's the end of July, and I don't know why
I was frightened when I ate that snack-
for although my city may be very pretty,
I don't think I'll want to go back!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Malcolm Cat

When everything is dark and drear
there's someone who can sense
that I'm not feeling quite myself,
I'm sad or tired or tense.
He finds me sitting on the couch,
or sulking on the bed.
He nestles close and nudges me
so gently with his head.
His eyes they seem to search my face,
"what's wrong?" he seems to say -
inviting me to pet his fur
and stroke my blues away.
His rumbling throat and softest warmth
bring calmness to my mind -
and though a simple creature,
he's the sweetest friend I'll find.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Greenie Hill

Suzy Q and Sally Sue
went to find a clover.
Back and forth across the grass,
they searched, over and over.

A clover with four greenie leaves
would be the best by far.
Then Sue and Sal would wish on it,
just like a greenie star.

They both had greenie wishes-
their wishers wished for stuff.
They inched along that huge vast hill,
no clover was enough.

For once again forever,
they found with great despair,
more clovers with three greenie leaves-
the fourth one wasn't there.

Suzy Q and Sally Sue
just may be looking still -
through all the greenie grass,
on that greenie little hill.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Fairy Faith

If you don't believe
there are fairies about,
then you'll never see one,
you'll never find out.
But if you truly know,
and you're totally sure-
then someday you'll see one,
if your heart is pure.
Never lose faith,
there are fairies about!
Someday you'll see one,
then you'll find out.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Grown-Up Hat

I love to wear my cool black hat.
It makes me feel so grown-up that,
just sometimes, when my Mom is gone,
I feel in charge when that hat's on.
I tell my brother what to do-
I make my sister mind me too.
Now they don't like it very much
they think I'm bossy, mean and such.
But they're mistaken, they're just wrong-
my hat makes me grown-up and strong!
I'm different when I wear my hat
it changes me, and that is that.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

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Ottava Rima

The mother and the child had gone away-
left in their place, an old and treasured gem.
For 'neath the shading branches yesterday,
the tales on every page enraptured them.
A wood sprite listened from the shadows gray,
well hidden 'mongst green foliage and stem-
and when they took their leave they left behind
this most enchanted book the sprite would find.

She crept with caution from her hiding place,
once she was sure the giant folk had gone-
and in an instant, leapt with spritely grace,
the aging cover's edge to sit upon.
Bedecked in skirt and bodice trimmed in lace,
she stretched her stockinged feet and breathed a yawn.
A leather binding soft to rest her head;
the book of fairy tales, a fitting bed.

The sprite met such adventure as she dreamed-
of knights and ladies, trolls and magic spells!
The book bestowed, with pages charmed, it seemed,
sweet dreaming of the tales each story tells.
And all around the silver moonlight gleamed,
among the forest trees where wood sprite dwells.
As morning's breath spread dew drops on the ground,
a book that had been lost, in dreams, was found.

© Katharine L. Sparrow


Watch the magic dragonfly, see her fluttering wings.
Think of summer's shiny days, and other happy things.
Close your eyes and watch her fly, over silvery lake,
sprinkling you with sparkle dust until the time you wake.
Listen to the gentle breeze, that hums the song she sings.
Think of rainbow dragonflies, and other happy things.

© Katharine L. Sparrow


He really didn't mean it,
he didn't mean to chew.
He only meant to clean it,
make it sparkle shiny new!

But it was oh-so-tempting,
while licking clean that shoe...
He really couldn't help it, Dad,
he didn't mean to chew!

It felt so soft and squishy
between his needle teeth-
that lovely chewy leather,
with a hard sole underneath.

I'm sure he's very sorry,
you can see it in his face-
it looks so sad and sorrowful,
he knows he's in disgrace.

So please don't be too harsh with him,
he won't do that again.
I'll keep him out of trouble now,
you know how good he's been!

And Dad, I have to ask you,
he really wants me to...
since that one there is ruined,
could he have the other shoe?

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Saturday Morning

It's Saturday morning! It's here again!
I'm ever so glad, cuz that's the day when
Daddy makes breakfast for each one of us!
We don't have to rush to catch the school bus -
We can eat and eat and swallow and chew -
stacks of hot pancakes and sausages too!
Loaded with syrup and slathered with jam,
with whipped cream on top, and that's why I am
so happy it's finally Saturday! ...
The pancakes are ready - out of my way!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Eulogy for a Hamster

My tiny friend,
a heartbeat in my hand -
so many people
just don't understand.

You shared your life
with me, though it was small.
You made me smile,
and that's not small at all.

Not my whole life,
but you made my life whole -
God touched your fur,
and took your little soul.

I'll miss your whiskers,
I'll miss your teeny paws.
I'll miss your wheel's sound,
I'll miss you just because.

I know some say
you weren't very much,
but you and I
know the truth
of love
and such.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The House Next Door

The house next door has a curious way
of attracting neighbors who don't seem to stay.
The name changes often out on the mail box.
It changes more often than I change my socks!

The first neighbors there, by the name of McGee,
moved out again after they cut down our tree!-
a tree with big limbs that was easy to climb...
I wasn't so sorry they moved out, that time.

But then there was Emily Gribble and Bill,
who offered to let us sled down the small hill
that sloped to the driveway behind their back yard.
When the Gribbles moved out, I did take it hard.

The Slatterys were very quiet and old.
When they lived next door, every day we were told,
that we couldn't play on the Slattery's hill-
they moved to a rest home, they're living there still.

I wonder who'll move to that house just next door
perhaps it will be what I'm most hoping for...
a family with children whose name on the box
will stay there at least till I buy some new socks!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Poor Ida Marie!

Poor Ida Marie!
She's the saddest girl you'll ever see!
Since her first name is Ida,
with Marie in between,
her initials spell out I.M. Green!

Poor Ida Marie!
She just doesn't care to be
a girl who's the shade
of a potted fern plant-
she'd like to switch names, but she can't!

She's the color of grass
oh dear, the poor lass!
And she feels like a tree
with this name, as you see,
or a little green frog,
sitting still on a log,
or a plate full of peas,
"Change my name", she says, "PLEASE!"
"for I don't wish to say
I.M. Green every day,
but it's always the same
when they ask me my name,
then they giggle and laugh
till their sides split in half.
I'm the saddest you've seen,
for my name's I.M. Green!"

Poor Ida Marie!
She went down to sit by the sea
where the ocean and sky
are a beautiful hue,
and she thought "I'll be Ida M. Blue!"

So she did change her name,
but her trouble's the same,
for she's now I.M. Blue,
and the people laugh too-
she's just like a blueberry,
and she thinks that it's very
unkind to point out,
and so without a doubt,
she's the saddest you'll see-

Poor Ida Marie!!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

I Had a Little Frog

I had a little frog.
I caught him in the pond.
He was a brownish greenish,
and of him I was quite fond.
I kept him in a bucket
with water, rocks and mud-
but then one day he climbed right out,
and landed with a thud.
He quickly hopped away,
across the kitchen floor.
I tried my best to catch him,
but he leapt right out the door.
Now I'm not really sure,
I didn't really see
what direction he was headed
when he ran away from me.
But later on that night,
all tucked up in my bed,
I'm sure I heard my froggie croak
out by the garden shed.
He sounded very happy,
much happier, in fact,
then when inside my bucket,
but he croaked his joy with tact.
He said he didn't blame me
for catching him and all,
but that he had to leave me,
had to answer nature's call.
And so each time I hear a frog
a-croaking in a pond-
I'm sure that it's my frog,
of whom I'm always very fond.

© Katharine L. Sparrow