Poems 1

Cellar Door

Swap Quatrain

I'd like to know what lies behind
the cellar door, what would I find?
I don't quite dare to go, although,
what lies behind, I'd like to know.

My Grandma said there's nothing there -
the furnace and a broken chair
"Why don't you play outside instead?
There's nothing there", my Grandma said.

I need to see inside that room,
to peer behind the door of doom.
As creepy as the place may be,
inside that room I need to see.

I would just bet a little troll
lives there among the furnace coal,
and no one else has seen, as yet
a little troll, I would just bet.

I'm sure you'd find there hides a ghoul,
his ghastly jaws dripping with drool.
If you could look just once behind,
there hides a ghoul, I'm sure you'd find.

I'm not allowed, I can't go in.
I don't see how I can begin
to slay the beasts, for all I've vowed,
I can't go in, I'm not allowed.

On one fine day, then I'll find out,
I know for sure, without a doubt -
I'll make a plan, I'll find a way
then I'll find out, on one fine day.

© Katharine L. Sparrow


May I introduce myself,
I'm simply known as 'beebee'.
I once was a whole blanket,
but now I'm just a dweebee.
A jumbled square of yellow softness
in a child's hands.
She holds me, hugs me, squeezes me
when no one understands.
I have a little fussel,
which means a strand of satin,
hanging from the corner
where the edge is torn and tattin.
It's soft and oh-so-comforting
to rub upon the chin,
at night when she is tired,
even though I'm wearing thin.
I keep her safe in darkness,
snuggling close till light of day.
I'll be her friend till she's all grown,
and puts this rag away.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Goodnight Sun

Soft to sleep, my precious little one
Time to go to bed with setting sun
Pretty birdies nestle in the trees
Magic sleepy dust floats on a breeze
Gently blows into your tired eyes
Close them now beneath the silver skies

Moon and stars will shine down on your bed
Dreams of birdies flutter in your head
Hear the song they're singing as they fly
Morning light will wake them by and by
Hush now hush my precious little one
Time to say goodnight to setting sun

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Swap Quatrain

He is my special friend, my fuzzy teddy bear -
I don't remember when, and I don't know just where
it was that first we met, or how it all will end.
My fuzzy teddy bear, he is my special friend.

His mouth is in a smile. He's happy, I suppose.
He has two fluffy ears, a wuzzled little nose,
and when I'm feeling sad, I'll hold him for a while.
He's happy, I suppose. His mouth is in a smile.

We're best of pals by day, he sleeps with me at night.
He goes places with me, and keeps me in his sight.
And when I'm tucked in bed, he sends the ghosts away.
He sleeps with me at night, we're best of pals by day.

If teddy wasn't near, I don't know what I'd do -
I couldn't comb my hair, or find a missing shoe.
And so as you can see, my teddy is so dear -
I don't know what I'd do if teddy wasn't near.

He'll always go with me, by plane or train or bus
for teddy's not just mine, we both belong to us.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Francine the Green Machine

There lived a dragon named Francine,
her hide a lovely shade of green.
But such a fright you've never seen -
this fairy- eating green machine!

While Francine wasn't really mean,
her appetite was very keen.
She feasted on fairy cuisine,
with snacks of wood sprites in between.

The woodland creatures feared Francine,
this fire breathing green machine.
The fairy king thought they might wean
her from this frightening routine.

A conference they would convene;
the sprites and fairies with Francine.
She listened to the king and queen
suggest to her a new cuisine.

Francine first tried a canned sardine,
then nibbled on a fresh green bean.
She sipped ambrosia in between,
then licked her dragon dishes clean.

Then cried the fairy king and queen,
"Such happiness we've never seen!"
Her fire was gone, her face serene,
Francine the smiling green machine.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Madeline Moore

Madeline Moore, who just turned four,
says that four is much better than three.
Madeline Moore, (though I'm not keeping score),
is still two years younger than me.

Madeline said that she'll not go to bed
one minute sooner than eight.
I said that bed should be seven instead
and that started off a debate.

Madeline Moore said, now that she's four,
eight o'clock is what it should be.
I told her eight is really quite late
for someone not much more than three.

Madeline Moore kicked and screamed on the floor,
and hollered out loud to high heaven.
Her mother then said that she must go to bed,
as early as quarter to seven.

Now Madeline knows just how bed time goes
when she hollers and screams and kicks-
and it's only right she went early that night,
for she's still two years younger than six.

Madeline Moore, who just turned four
goes to bed at seven fifteen-
unless, like before, she screams on the floor
and causes a horrible scene.

I go at eight, which isn't too late
for someone who's three plus three.
She's only four (and I'll never keep score),
but that's still two years younger than me.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The War of the Mice

All hail the regal Forest Mice Queen!-
trailing her robes of ruby red-
the wisest, most noble that you've ever seen,
wearing a crown on her regal head.

There once was a war of the Forest Mice
over which would be their most favorite grain
some wanted corn, some wanted rice,
back in early days of the Queen's reign.

The rice eaters mounted a terrible fight
against the mice who so loved their corn
both sides were very sure that they were right,
and so the war of the mice was born.

They battled and fought for two nights and a day
over which grain would be better to eat.
Each side wanted to eat their own way
but the mice of the corn went down in defeat.

Those corn-eating mice just simply wouldn't
eat the fine rice of their forest foes
they tried it in puddings and stews, but they couldn't
really enjoy it in any of those.

So the Queen of the mice said "I have a thought!"-
she gave them sweet barley to try, to each side.
The corn and rice mice, who recently fought,
tried the sweet barley and couldn't decide.

So finally the Queen of the Forest mice said,
"I now proclaim to all mice in the wood
that everyone everywhere shall be fed
all three of these grains, for they are ALL good!"

From all of the mice, of the corn and the rice,
there went up a happy and hearty cheer!
And ever since then, they've all been quite nice
(there's been no fighting for more than a year!)

All hail the Queen of the Forest Mice!-
trailing her robes of ruby red.
She dines on corn and fine white rice,
and sometimes sweet barley grain instead.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Gramma K

My Gramma K lives in New York City.
She's not too old and she's kinda pretty
(that's as opposed to Gramma C
who's never been quite as nice to me).
I love to go and stay for a week
in the winter time, when it's cold and bleak-
since I live way out in old Idaho,
it's not so often that I get to go.
Gramma K isn't any grandmother,
she is one unlike any other!
She's usually busy most every day
and she takes me with her whenever I stay
at her apartment that's way up high,
above all the buildings in the New York sky.
In New York City there is so much to do
the theater, the movies, the stores and the zoo.
And Gramma K likes to go everywhere
so I'm busy with her, whenever I'm there.
My Gramma seems to have lots of money-
she says she's not rich, which I think is funny.
She never complains, like my Mom and Dad,
about how expensive a day they've had
when they go shopping at the grocery store.
My Gramma just keeps spending more and more!
A concert, a play, and a shopping spree too
there's always so much in New York to do
that's why it's much better than old Idaho
that's why Gramma K's is the best place to go.
(so very much better than to Gramma C's).
I'll take New York City any day, if you please!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

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Eyes of Blue

My mother once told me
my eyes were so blue
from picking and plucking
where blueberries grew.
She said when I sought them
among leaves and stem,
my eyes stained with juices
of blueness from them.

They are bluer than blue
and my mother told me,
I got that from looking
out over the sea.
She said when I follow
the gull's soaring flight
across sapphire oceans
my blue eyes shine bright.

When Mother and I
would lie out on the grass,
under azure blue skies
watching cotton clouds pass,
she always told me
that it made my eyes blue,
reflecting the sky,

... and I'm sure it's all true.

                        ....aren't you?

© Katharine L. Sparrow


It dawned a gray and rainy day,
my thoughts were all in a muddle.
I walked outside and came upon
rubber duckies in a puddle.
Who placed them there I cannot know,
and guessing can only befuddle.
But rubber duckies they surely were,
all floating there in a huddle.
It could well be that they were meant
precisely just to confuddle
a passer by who'd see them there
and not dare to begruddle
three rubber duckies, though they be
of plastic and too wet to cuddle.
But I just smiled and left them
to get rained on in the puddle.

© Katharine L. Sparrow


Oh, if I had my druthers,
I'd go to bed at ten-
up late just like my brothers-
how grown up I'd be then!

Of druthers I have many,
there's lots of things I'd like-
to find a shiny penny,
to own a new red bike.

Then, if I had my druthers,
I'd pedal down the street-
just think of all the others
who I might chance to meet!

A real live baseball player,
a driver with a truck-
might even meet the mayor-
my penny brings me luck!

I'd take my shiny penny
down to the candy store.
Of sweets I don't have any.
I really need some more.

Oh, if I had my druthers,
I'd like to drive a car-
a Chevy, like my mother's,
then I could travel far.

I'd want to visit China,
and Iceland, I suppose-
for nothing would be finer
than summer when it snows!

Druthers here and druthers there,
I'd travel far, most anywhere-
adventurous beyond compare....

If I just had my druthers!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Little Cat

My kitten, who's a little cat
is not too big and not too fat.
He's striped and gray and soft with fuzz,
the cutest cat that ever was.

All curled up in an old straw hat,
my kitten, who's a little cat,
is sleeping with a rumbling purr,
a circle of contented fur.

And when it's time for him to wake,
a supper bowl of fish I'll make.
My kitten, who's a little cat
will certainly be pleased with that!

We'll play with toys and dangly string.
He stalks and chases everything.
And when we're through, I'll sit and pat
my kitten, who's a little cat.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Fae's  Morning Song

At the edge of town
lies a wooded grove
where tree branches shade
a fern covered cove.
And in amongst
the leafy green,
there dwell the faes,
so seldom seen.

If silent you creep
as morning light breaks
you might spot a fae
the moment she wakes.
From underneath
ferns wet with dew
she may emerge,
not seeing you.

Cascading dew drops,
a showering splash,
bathe the wee fae
in a blue-green flash.
Shimmering light
plays on her wings,
spread in the sun
to dry as she sings.

Her voice like a bell,
a tinkling wind chime,
that floats on a breeze
and jingles through time.
Listen to hear
sweet song of the fae,
then quietly turn
and slip soft away.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

The Problem With  Popples

Oh what can you say to a Popple?
You know how they drip and they dropple
all their things on the floor-
food and drinks and much more,
so that Mom has to get out the mopple.

Yes Popples, they drop and they dribble.
A Popple should just use a bibble-
but it seems they don't care
if stuff spills here and there,
while they're having a drink or a nibble.

They drop puddings and pies,
spill their shakes and their fries,
and their milk glasses drip,
while their eggs slide and slip,
and they drop their french toast-
(that's what bugs me the most)
which is buttered quite thickly,
so we clean it up quickly


Those Popples make piles and puggles.
The floor is all muckles and muggles.
They don't hear what you say,
they do things their own way,
and don't mind they don't get any huggles.
I hope that you have a good mopple
and that, if you do drip or dropple-
you will clean it up good,
as a nice person should,
because peoples are neater than Popples.

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Learning to Read

Today's the very first day of school!-
I went to learn to read.
Till now, when I want stories read,
I've  had to beg and plead.
My Mommy's always busy,
and my Dad watches the news-
and when the news is over,
then he wants to take a snooze!
I have no one to read to me,
and so I think it's cool
that now, at last, I'll learn to read,
on my first day at school!

The teacher asked us all our names
and then we said the pledge.
I thought we'd learn to read then,
I was thrilled and on the edge!
But then we sang the alphabet,
our colors we discussed-
and after we had lunch, I thought
we'd learn to read, we must!
But next we pasted flowers,
made a macaroni chain-
I didn't think it was
a very good use of my brain!

The close of school was nearing,
it was time to end the day-
and I began to panic
all we did that day is play!
I hadn't learned to read at all,
and I was so upset!
I thought for sure I'd learn in school,
but I could not read yet.
We got our jackets, put them on,
and then stood in a line.
Then teacher passed out brand new books,
and I was hugging mine!

I'm finally going to learn to read!
I know for sure, it's true-
and after school tomorrow,
I will read my book to you!

© Katharine L. Sparrow

Baby Babble

The babblings of a baby are so sweet-
a little child whose speech is not complete.
Their words come out with such peculiar use-
like orange juice transformed to "onj- jaruse"!
Or ketchup sounds like "tupuk" from a tot.
They seem to make mistakes with words a lot!
A broken toy- the child, not shy one bit
asks Daddy please to "wikits" , not fix it! 
And when at last it's time to tuck her in,
that little one will once more make us grin.
She sings along, a gently lullaby-
about all the bright "tars" up in the "ky".

© Katharine L. Sparrow